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543 Concerned Citizens is intended to share information about the planned development for the property formerly known as Eva-Mar Farm. The multi-phase development will impact the communities surrounding the farm and this blog is an opportunity to ensure our residents are aware of the developer’s plans for this parcel of property.

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Contact: 543ConcernedCitizens@gmail.com
Twitter: @Route543CC

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  1. Thank you for gathering information, bringing this issue to the attention of area citizens, and contacting various entities to register your concern about this project. As a homeowner in the Villages of Thomas Run (VTR), I take exception to the fact that our community is not included on your list of affected communities. My husband and I chose to purchase a home in this community due in large part to the natural woods and open spaces. While VTR is a more high density community our residents would also be directly impacted by this project. Thank you.

  2. Good point Louise, this will affect communities beyond those adjoining the proposal both for the regional traffic issues, but also by affecting school capacity.
    It is possible that additional mobile trailer classrooms will be employed at the two area elementary schools.
    It is our intention to plant signs directing area communities to this website. They haven’t yet arrived from the print shop, but we intend to include all the subdivisions such as VTM.

  3. We have lived in Tudor Manor since 1987 and have long realized it was only a matter of time before the Eva Mar Farm property would be developed. However, we never expected that a large portion of the land would be used for commercial purposes (an assisted living / nursing care facility). While we have many other concerns regarding the potential impact of the proposed project, the issue of traffic is perhaps first and foremost. The 543 / 22 intersection is already a complete nightmare during morning and afternoon rush hours. The secondary intersection at Amyclae Drive and 543 has only served to worsen an already bad situation. Can you imagine what it will be like when traffic from still another road (the one for the proposed development) tries turning left to go south on 543 during those same hours? Of further concern is the additional traffic we will undoubtedly see on Thomas Run Road if the developer convinces the county to extend Falstaff Road in order to provide access to the back section of the assisted living facility. I could go on forever, but you get the picture. This has disaster written all over it especially knowing that the developer is represented by Joe Snee’s law firm which has every county and local politician in its hip pocket.

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